Lodestar worked with Philips Design to produce the Philips Innovation Experience – an event designed to celebrate Philips’ 120 year history of Innovation with global media, key stakeholders, staff and prospective employees.

Our brief was to work with Philips to create an event in which a complex series of innovations could be presented in a coherent, thematic way, emphasising the role Philips plays in supporting people at every stage of their lives.

We worked with the challenging, but exciting, design of the venue, Evoluon in Eindhoven, to create a plenary area and a series of immersive spaces on the concentric rings which make up the upper floors.

The event focused on four themed ‘experience areas’. Each area - Nurturing, Enjoying, Healing and Living - had a completely different look and feel and was completely immersive, creating an engaging and inspiring atmosphere for guests.