Innovation Station

When Nissan launched the LEAF the first fully electric vehicle in the UK, they saw it as an opportunity to create a totally new way of engaging with customers.

They wanted to create a space to bring EVs (Electric Vehicles) to life and build understanding and enthusiasm for this new innovative technology - and so the Innovation Station at the O2 was born.

Our brief was to create a highly engaging, interactive, entertaining & immersive experiential space and that could also provide the opportunity to test drive vehicles.

We built a structure linked to the main O2 dome and designed an experience that incorporates the latest in cutting edge technology & interactivity including interactive projections, directional sound, facial recognition, augmented reality and critically, data capture. The structure also features a series of meeting spaces that allow for a variety of internal and customer facing events to hosted.

The Innovation Station proved a tremendous success with the public with over 1.7 million visitors in the first 3 months.