Lodestar Intelligence

We believe that you have to have a real insight into your audience if you are going to communicate effectively with them.

We’ve developed tools like Emotional Mapping© that help us to identify where your audience’s hearts and minds are – and to allow us to plan the most effective strategies to communicate your message.

It’s the first step towards genuinely engaging with your audience.

The second step? Inspiring, energising and empowering them with experiences that take them to where you’d like them to be.

It’s an approach that works – we’ve got the gongs to prove it…


Emotional Mapping©

Emotional Mapping is a technique we use to plan the response of audiences on both a rational and emotional level throughout the course of an experience. We start with the givens - what the audience frame of mind is before and what we would like it to be at the end.

The concept is simple - any experience is a series of interactions which take place over a period of time. That timescale begins at the first point of contact and ends after any post-experience communication.

The audience will respond to each individual interaction on both a rational and an emotional level.

What they are able to comprehend and rationalise internally will depend on their emotional state at any particular point in time.

A well-structured experience will plan these interventions and audience responses in order to create a map of how we would like the audience to think and feel at any point. This allows the creation of specific briefs for each stage of the journey. In the case of an event, for example, do we want the audience to feel excited, uneasy or comfortable upon arrival?

Importantly this allows us to create a specific set of criteria against which we can measure the effectiveness of an experience as a whole - and its individual elements.


2013 IVCA LiveCom Awards

Gold – Entertainment Experience

Gold – UK Seminars & Conferences


Gold - Immersive Event, Mass Consumer: FM&BE Awards

2008 Eventia Awards

Silver - Production Agency of the Year

Silver - Best Conference

2007 Eventia Awards

Platinum Award

Gold - Production Agency of the Year

Gold - Creative Supplier of the Year

Gold - Best Conference

Gold - Best Launch